What is the autoref command to reference a line number of an algorithm? I tried to define stepautorefname, linenoautorefname and alglinenoautorefname commands as shown below but they don't work like the algorithmautorefname command.


            colorlinks  = true,
            linkcolor   = blue,
            urlcolor    = blue,
            citecolor   = blue,
            anchorcolor = blue]{hyperref}



\caption{Algorithm} \label{alg:A}
\REQUIRE $Input$
\STATE D \label{step:A4}

In \autoref{step:A4} of \autoref{alg:A}

The compilation log already gives a useful hint:

Package hyperref Warning: No autoref name for `ALC@unique' on input line 32.

So the command name prefix should be ALC@unique. We then only need to make sure the @ character is allowed in command names and can define


which yields the desired result.

enter image description here

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