I have a document for a CV with a list, and I would like to right align the labels. I have seen this, this and this, but I can't make it work:

\usepackage[left=3cm, right=3cm, top=3cm]{geometry}
\usepackage[unicode, hidelinks]{hyperref}
        \item[Some label] Some text.\\
        \item[Some label] Some text.\\

Don't know if this is relevant, but I'm using MacTex. Any idea will be welcome!


For a CV there are special document classes, e.g. moderncv. Here is the right aligned list already provided.

\documentclass[12pt, a4paper]{moderncv}
\moderncvstyle{casual} % style options are 'casual' (default), 'classic', 'oldstyle' and 'banking'
\moderncvcolor{green}  % color options 'blue' (default), 'orange', 'green', 'red', 'purple', 'grey' and 'black'


\sectionfont \Huge CV

\cvitem{2018}{Some short number}
\cvitem{2000--2018}{some longer number}

For more information please have a look here CTAN: Paket moderncv

  • I'm using currvita, I think is different from moderncv – Nikita Nov 16 '18 at 13:37

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