I have a piece of code I would like to write inside a minted syntax highlighting block. The following code works:

PasswordHash string

But once I write "json:"password-hash" with backticks instead of quotation marks around it (can't even use them here), I get an error "Command \textasciigrave unavailable in encoding OT1." Any idea why this might be?

(If it is relavent, I'm writing this document on Overleaf)


I found what the problem was, although I don't know at all why this is a problem. I was using the package underscore to automatically escape underscores, but this meant that any backtick characters in a \begin{minted} block would cause an error when compiling.

  • You could also ask another question (or edit your previous one, deleting the answer) asking why it happens. – CarLaTeX Nov 17 '18 at 11:29

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