I have the same problem as here. The proposed solution was to use dcases or dcases* environment. How to do that in LyX? Insert->Math menu has only "Cases Environment".

  • I think you have to use ERT – CarLaTeX Nov 19 '18 at 20:22
  • LyX does not have support for dcases, so you would have to use ERT, or perhaps redefine the cases environment as dcases in the preamble (I have no idea if this would work since I'm not familiar with dcases). – scottkosty Nov 19 '18 at 20:41
  • Hi, Have you found a good solution to this? I can't even figure out how ERT can be used in this context. I know what ERT is, but can't do this for drcases somehow. Fixing preamble is good if that works. But also I can't figure out how to do that – user42459 Jun 8 at 2:02

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