I am trying to use the chem-angew bibliography style that is documented here. However the result I am getting is just not the same as the one in the documentation.
In the docs there are no further abbreviations in the bibliography (like Vol or pp.) whereas they do appear in my example. Does anybody know why that is and how I can fix this?


        author = { Lenis-Rojas, O. A.  and Roma-Rodrigues, C. and  Fernandes, A. R.},
        title = {Inorganic Chemistry},
        year = {2017},
        volume = {56},
        pages = {7127-7144}


    In \cite{Paper} one can see stuff


Example output
So basically I want to stop biblatex from adding any extra abbreviations to my bibliography in order to achieve the result found in the docs of the chem-angew style


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According to https://doi.org/10.1021/acs.inorgchem.7b00790 the source you want to cite is actually an @article and not a @book. The .bib entry should look roughly like


  author  = {Lenis-Rojas, Oscar A. and Roma-Rodrigues, Catarina
             and Fernandes, Alexandra R. and Marques, Fernanda
             and Pérez-Fernández, David and Guerra-Varela, Jorge
             and Sánchez, Laura and Vázquez-García, Digna
             and López-Torres, Margarita and Fernández, Alberto
             and Fernández, Jesús J.},
  title   = {Dinuclear RuII(bipy)2 Derivatives: Structural, Biological,
             and in Vivo Zebrafish Toxicity Evaluation},
  journal = {Inorganic Chemistry},
  volume  = {56},
  number  = {12},
  pages   = {7127-7144},
  year    = {2017},
  doi     = {10.1021/acs.inorgchem.7b00790},


  In \cite{lenisrojas} one can see stuff


which results in

O. A. Lenis-Rojas, C. Roma-Rodrigues, A. R. Fernandes, F. Marques, D. Pérez-Fernández, J. Guerra-Varela, L. Sánchez, D. Vázquez-García, M. López-Torres, A. Fernández, J. J. Fernández, Inorganic Chemistry 2017, 56, 7127–7144.

A closer look at the chem-angew style docs show that the style displays "Vol." for volumes of @books and @collections, but not for @articles. See for example [16], [22], [36] or as an example for @inbook and @incollection [18] and [21].

As an aside, I got the base .bib file from the ACS homepage and was pleasantly surprised that their exporter does not seem to commit the sins that other exporters are too eager to commit. You may have to adjust the formatting of the RuII(bipy)2 bit, though (granted, chem-angew won't print the title, but in case you need it later).

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