I want to leave the right side of each page blank for taking notes.

A simple way is to use one-column layout instead and change the right margin, but using geometry package will affect current template. I'm using


After applying geometry package, other margins are changed, ruining the template.

I also tried \addtolength{\rightmargin}{.3\paperwidth} without using geometry package, but it doesn't change the margin at all.

I also tried multicols, but it only leaves the right column of the last page blank.

The template I used can be found here.

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  • And what is the problem to set also the left, top and bottom margins with geometry? Please add a minimal working example (MWE) of how you ruin the template with geometry and explain clearly and exactly what you need instead. By the way, the ` IEEEtran` class was designed to submit articles as is, not to make your own customs layout to take notes. I would start with a general purpose class as article or even the tufte class, that by default left a huge right margin. – Fran Nov 21 '18 at 22:24

The IEEEtran class allows commands to override the margins, which you have to pass before loading the document class. Here, we have to specify both \CLASSINPUTinnersidemargin and \CLASSINPUToutersidemargin because if we only specify one, the class symmetrizes the margins by default.

So for the default journal option, this should work:

\newcommand{\CLASSINPUToutersidemargin}{5cm} % change to whatever you want

As for how I arrived at that magical number 49.27pt, I basically ran \the\dimexpr1in+\oddsidemargin\relax, and I got this from looking at the page layout (using the layout package).

enter image description here

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