Hi I am trying to draw the following circuit:

enter image description here

using Tikz package in Latex. The following is my code

        \begin{circuitikz}[scale=1,transform shape]
            %(0,1) node [] {} to [R, l=$R_t$, i>^=$I_t$] (2,1)
            (0,1) to [cspst=$u$] (1.5,1)
            (0,-1) node [] {} -- (6,-1)
            (0,-1) {to [battery, l_=$V_s$] (0,1)}
            (1.5,1) to [L, l=$L_1$, i>^=$I_1$] (1.5,-1)
            (1.5,1) to [C, l=$C_1$, v<={{$V_1$}}] (3.5,1)
            (3.5,1) {to [diode] (3.5,-1)}
            (3.5,1) to [L, l=$L_2$, i>^=$I_2$] (5,1)
            (5,1) to [C, l=$C_2$, v<={{$V_2$}}] (5,-1)
            (6,-1) {to [R, l_=$G$] (6,1)}
            (5,1) -- (6,1);
    \caption{Electrical scheme of the zetaconverter.}

This always results in the following:

enter image description here

It always invert the sign conversion and the battery too. If I compile in my friend's Mac it becomes normal.

PS: These are my packages and some custom commands:



\tikzstyle{block} = [draw, rectangle, minimum height=2em, minimum width=4em]
\tikzstyle{sum} = [draw, fill=blue!20, circle, node distance=1cm]
\tikzstyle{input} = [coordinate]
\tikzstyle{output} = [coordinate]
\tikzstyle{pinstyle} = [pin edge={to-,thin,black}]


\usepackage[american,cute inductors,smartlabels]{circuitikz}


\tikzstyle{every node}=[font=\small]
\tikzstyle{every path}=[line width=0.8pt,line cap=round,line join=round]
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    please merge your code snippet to one small but complete document which we can copy and test. help us to help you.
    – Zarko
    Nov 22, 2018 at 11:07

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It should because of the difference is version of circuitikz used. Quoting from Circuitikz manual:

Since v0.8.2: voltage and current label directions(v<= / i<=) do NOT change the orientation of the drawn source shape anymore. Use the ”invert” option to rotate the shape of the source. Furthermore, from this version on, the current label(i=) at current sources can be used independent of the regular label(l=).


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