I am not very familiar with all latex details, but I'd like to use the listings package in a tufte-book document. However, the listings package places its captions above or below the listing and I couldn't find a way to adjust that in a way so that the caption is put to the page margin as with tufte-book's \marginnote etc.

Any idea how to solve that?


It is best neither to mess with the listings or the tufte-book commands, as they are both difficult to modify. I would simply load the listing in a \begin{figure}...\end{figure} environment. If you want to have a different float for listings, you can use the float package.

This is a test
\caption{This is a test.}

Thanks to the above answer, this is what I use now:

    \index{#1 in chapter \thechapter } % might use a separate index for that.

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