I am trying to create a macro to easily draw forks as this one:

enter image description here

I tried this:

 #1 \arrow[r, "#2"] & #3 \arrow[r,shift left, "#4"] 
 \arrow[r,shift right, "#5"'] & #6

But I get an error "Single ampersand used with wrong catcode."

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You don't really want to use the center environment, but the main problem is the &:

  \begin{tikzcd}[ampersand replacement=\&]
  #1 \arrow[r, "#2"] \& #3 \arrow[r,shift left, "#4"] 
  \arrow[r,shift right, "#5"'] \& #6

The key ampersand replacement is necessary each time a TikZ matrix (such as a tikzcd diagram) is used in the argument to another command.

Use it in a display environment, say


Here's another suggestion for coping with both equalizer and coequalizer diagrams. Each item in the diagram is defined with a key-value approach (use different keys, if you like); a * tells to draw a coequalizer diagram. Like in most key-value approaches, the order of the keys is irrelevant.



\keys_define:nn { soap/forks }
  s .tl_set:N = \l__soap_fork_source_tl,
  t .tl_set:N = \l__soap_fork_target_tl,
  e .tl_set:N = \l__soap_fork_end_tl,
  u .tl_set:N = \l__soap_fork_up_tl,
  d .tl_set:N = \l__soap_fork_down_tl,
  c .tl_set:N = \l__soap_fork_center_tl,
  * .bool_set:N = \l__soap_fork_co_bool,
  * .default:n = true,

  \keys_set:nn { soap/forks } { #1 }
  \bool_if:NF \l__soap_fork_co_bool
   {% false, equalizer
    \arrow[r,"\l__soap_fork_center_tl"] \&
  \arrow[r,shift~right,"\l__soap_fork_down_tl",swap] \&
  \bool_if:NT \l__soap_fork_co_bool
   {% true, coequalizer
    \arrow[r,"\l__soap_fork_center_tl"] \&





enter image description here

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