This question is related to a question I asked earlier here. I wanted to cite references in order of appearance without Bibtex and the answer did exactly that. However, consider I have the following bibliography:


The code \cite{ref2} and \cite{ref3, ref4, ref5} will give [1] and [2,3,4] and what I want is [1] and [2-4] instead. How can I alter the code given in the previous answer? Note that using \usepackage{cite} will output [1] and [4-6] which is not in the order of appearance.


The implementation in Sorting bibliography in order of appearance without Bibtex naively assumed that the argument of \citation is always only a single key. That is a valid assumption for the standard implementation of \cite, but not for the implementation of cite's \cite.

The following simple extension should also deal with comma-separated lists. The only difference is the introduction of a CSV loop in \citation and the resulting move of the core of the macro to \citation@i.


\newcommand*{\lodbib@notcited}{}% catch entries that were not cited

% macro in aux file



% save bibitems


       {\@latex@warning{Empty `thebibliography' environment}}%
      \@clubpenalty \clubpenalty



\cite{ref2} and \cite{ref3, ref4, ref5}



The citations read "[1] and [2–4]"

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