Epsilon font is completely different from other font. it need to same link other fonts.

Here is following tex that i render pdf using xelatex.

\usepackage[paperwidth=324pt, margin=10pt]{geometry}


     Path = /var/www/html/_default/DeployCode/jagan/common/cms/v2.0/fonts/MinionPro/,
     Extension  = .otf,
     Ligatures  = TeX,
     BoldFont   = MinionProBold,
     ItalicFont = MinionProItalic,
     BoldItalicFont = MinionProBoldItalic


    \begin{minipage}{\textwidth}$Q = CV = A{\varepsilon} {\varepsilon _0}\dfrac{V\alpha}{d}$\end{minipage}

\settowidth {\mywidth}  {\usebox{\mybox}}
\settoheight{\myheight} {\usebox{\mybox}}
\settodepth {\mydepth}  {\usebox{\mybox}}

    \immediate\write\foo{"Depth" : "\the\mydepth",}
    \immediate\write\foo{"Height" : "\the\myheight",}
    \addtolength{\myheight} {\mydepth}
    \immediate\write\foo{"TotalHeight" : "\the\myheight",}
    \immediate\write\foo{"Width" : "\the\mywidth"}

    \color[RGB]{0, 0, 0}
    \pagecolor[RGB]{255, 255, 255}

enter image description here

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    I see that you have been here for more than a year. I also see that over the course of time you have asked a few question(s) and received answer(s). But unfortunately, none of them being accepted. So, before asking a new question, if you find them useful, could you kindly accept them? – Raaja Nov 28 '18 at 10:37
  • That's \varepsilon as rendered in Asana Math. I'm not sure what's the problem. – egreg Nov 28 '18 at 10:41
  • Sorry! egreg small mistake in tex code. i modified that now. epsilon symbols is rendered as some other font not as minion pro. that's my problem. – jagannathan jothi Nov 28 '18 at 10:59

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