I am trying to configure TeXstudio with MikTeX 2.9 but I am not sure about a few of the commands and the relevant exe for these commands. Can anyone help me how to configure it and where can I find more help on these configurations. The fiels/commands are highlighted in the attached image.

TeXstudio configuration

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    DviPdf will most probably be in the same folder as Ps2Pdf. Check this folder if DviPdf is in there and than use <your path>/dvipdfm %.dvi – samcarter Nov 28 at 14:01
  • The asymptote path looks reasonable – samcarter Nov 28 at 14:03
  • Thanks. Any help on the rest of fields? – Salman Khan Nov 28 at 14:04
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    Just to know: if you are not going to run those programs, you can let it empty. – Sigur Nov 28 at 14:05
  • If you install first the TeX-distribution and then run TeXstudio the first time it will search for the TeX files and all pathes with the program name and everything will be ok. – Herbert Nov 28 at 14:28

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