How can I disable the automatic transliteration of Arabic? I want to write my French report including some Arabic sentences. So I am using the arabtex package but when writing an Arabic sentence like this

السَلامُ عَليكم ورَحمةُ الله وبَركاته  

I got this:

السَلامُ عَليكم ورَحمةُ الله وبَركاته 
ālsalāmu alykm wrah.mtu āllh wbarkāth

I don't want this transliteration. How can I disable it?


The command you want is \transfalse. For example,

klAm fI m.h.d al-_hyr



If you're not limited to (la)tex, why don't you use arabxetex package?

I think using it with xelatex have more options than arabtex, e.g. you can change the main font for Arabic typesetting (default is Amiri font).


السَلامُ عَليكم ورَحمةُ الله وبَركاته  


enter image description here

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