I am having trouble drawing the right hand side. Any ideas?

  • To align the equations you could use \begin{align*}. For the = with text you can use \overset. – manooooh Dec 3 '18 at 19:03
  • @manooooh How do I add the braces in equation2? – GermanShepherd Dec 3 '18 at 19:12

enter image description here





  \phi_1 &\eqdef \bigwedge_{i = 1}^k \prob[\big]{ f_{s_i}(e), f_{t_i}(e) } \\
  \phi_2 &\eqdef \forall v \forall w \biggl( \prob{v, w} \rightarrow
    \bigwedge_{i = 1}^k \prob[\big]{ f_{s_i}(v), f_{t_i}(w) } \biggr) \\
  \phi_3 &\eqdef \exists z \, \prob{z, z}


Two options for \eqdef is presented. The second uses \mathclap to remove any overlap spacing inserted by the def \overset. It depends on your preference, and possibly if \eqdef is used in the same align with =.

You may also consider a smaller rendering of def via


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