This was working and I don't see what has changed, but the code below is now throwing a "Missing \endcsname inserted" error.

If I just press Return, lualatex continues, reads the text file myfile.lua, and prints it perfectly verbatim. Doesn't seem to matter whether the file is UTF-8 or ASCII encoded (I usually use the former). Windows 10 machine if that matters.





function buildPath(...)                                                                                       
    -- get the system path separator                    
    local pathseparator = package.config:sub(1,1)       

    -- get the arguments                                
    local elements = {...}                              

    -- return the elements with the path separator      
    return table.concat(elements, pathseparator)        

-- Get the current path.             
function getPath(filename)                                                                                     
-- Print the current path. According to the documentation, if -2 is used, 
-- then the strings are read as if the result of detokenize: all characters 
-- have catcode 12 except space, which  has catcode 10.   

    tex.print(-2, buildPath(lfs.currentdir(), filename))




  • What is the sense of \getPath? \verbatiminput will find files in the current directory anyway. (I doubt that this every worked, use \newcommand instead of \DeclareRobustCommand). – Ulrike Fischer Dec 4 '18 at 9:59
  • @Ulrike That's what changed!!! I was replacing \newcommand in various source files and got too enthusiastic. – DLyons Dec 4 '18 at 10:03

This never worked. Don't use a robust command inside \verbatiminput. So define your \getPath as


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