I want to display lunar days in normal calendar. Ex: 2018 : 5/12 = 29 (Lunar) ; 6/12 = 30 (lunar). See attached image: Red is lunar and black is gregorian. And attached code that i get in overlead (not include lunar calendar)


\tikzset{blue icon/.style={text=SkyBlue,font=\Large}}
\tikzset{pink icon/.style={text=Pink,font=\large}}


% Some settings for the monthly calendars
\monthTitleStyle{font={\fontsize{40pt}{42pt}\bfseries\sffamily\itshape\selectfont}, red!50!RedViolet}






Thank you very much enter image description here

  • Do you have any news for us? Is your issue solved? How? – Mensch Jun 24 at 7:40

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