I'm trying to place a figure and a table inside the same wide float so that they are positioned together within a two-column document. However, they also need separate captions (i.e. a figure caption and a table caption).

I tried to wrap the table (\begin{tabular}...\end{tabular}) and the figure (\begin{figure}...\end{figure}) inside a figure*, but then I get a compilation error:

Float(s) lost.

And in the minimal example below, I get

LaTeX Error: Not in outer mode

as error.



        more stuff

Anyone know how to solve this?


You can't put a figure inside a figure (or inside a minipage even), which is why you are getting floats lost. Just use a figure* on the outside and then use the caption or capt-of packages to allow you to go \captionof{table}{.....} for the table caption. Don't use table or figure environments within the float, just use \includegraphics tabular etc directly.

Note as it's a figure* latex will only ensure that it keeps the right order for the figure. the table may float out of sequence (similarly to using longtable or a [H] float from the float package). If that does happen you may need to help the ordering by moving tables in the source or adding \clearpage.

  • Perfect! capt-of was just what I needed.
    – gablin
    Mar 1 '12 at 11:42

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