Consider this example of an elsarticle template:

\journal{Nuclear Physics B}


\title{Sample article to present \texttt{elsarticle} class\tnoteref{label0}}
\tnotetext[label0]{This is only an example}

\author[label1,label2]{Author One\corref{cor1}\fnref{label3}}
\address[label1]{Address One}
\address[label2]{Address Two\fnref{label4}}

\cortext[cor1]{I am corresponding author}
\fntext[label3]{I also want to inform about\ldots}
\fntext[label4]{Small city}


\author[label5]{Author Two}
\address[label5]{Some University}

\author[label1,label5]{Author Three}

    Text of abstract. Text of abstract. Text of abstract. Text of abstract. Text of abstract. 

    example \sep \LaTeX \sep template



where the footnote superscripts are not shown:

enter image description here

I tried replacing fnref with footnote now it shows the annotation, how ever it keeps incrementing even when referring to the same footnote! for example changing the below lines:

\address[label2]{Address Two\footnote{label4}}
\address[label5]{Some University\footnote{label4}}


enter image description here

enter image description here

which is obviously wrong. I would appreciate if you could help me know how I can fix this.

P.S. link to the Reddit post.


Ok, I think I found a workaround. Basically one can specify the footnote mark with \footnote[label]{tag} so if I change the above lines to:

\address[label2]{Address Two\footnote[2]{label4}}
\address[label5]{Some University\footnote[2]{label4}}

the issue is resolved:

enter image description here

and whenever that doesn't work a fast and dirty workaround is to just superscript the numbers with \textsuperscript{2}

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