I'm new to latex so pardon me. My table width is not fitting. It's extending beyond the screen

Here is my code:

some randome text. \\ \hline

tried using \tablularx but didn't work :(. What am I doing wrong please?

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    Possible duplicate of My table doesn't fit; what are my options? – Werner Dec 7 at 1:33
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    Welcome to TeX.SX! Please extend your code to a full but minimal document that replicates the problem – siracusa Dec 7 at 1:37
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    Welcome to Te.SX! What does "not fitting" mean in this context? You are defining a code with two left justified columns and it will be just "wide enough" to fit your "some random text" and an empty column. Do you want it wider or narrower? As siracusa says, you should also expand your code to a minimal working example. This is a minimal piece of compilable code that demonstrates your problem. This will make it much easier to hep you and it will clarify your problem. – Andrew Dec 7 at 1:51
  • Unrelated to your problem, but better not use [H]. This is basically a guarantee for bad placement. Better use [htbp] – samcarter Dec 7 at 2:43
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    You defined two colums l but your table has only one. If you use tabularx you have to use also an X column. Otherwise, just use p{...} column (where ... is your desired width) – CarLaTeX Dec 7 at 4:29

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