I have a main manuscript and a supplementary materials tex files. These are based on templates by the AGU journals, therefore it is not recommended to add any other packages, than those provided. I need to cross reference the figure in the supplementaries in the main file. I know a solution can be the xr package, but as said I cannot use it.

Is there a workaround to e.g. list all SI figures and their lables in the MAIN, but without displaying them?

I would like to cite \ref{fig:si01}, which is displayed in SI.
therefore I would like to include here below a list of figures without displaying them.
In addition they should be renamed 

% first rename figures adding S, and then reset figure counter to zero
\def\appendixID{{S}} % add S to numbering

% second, make a list of not-shown figures
% this does the job but is note resetting the counter:

% this reset the counter and add the "S" but it's showing the figure caption, while I want nothing to be displayed:


Thanks for your help!

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