Using plain TeX coding, how to I include the current font name in the document? I know it involves \the\font but can't recall the exact method.

This is for use in a font-sampler, so that before each font sample, an appropriate title appears identifying that font.


You can use \fontname\font to output the current font name in your document:

    % set font style and save name
    % print small sample
    {\leavevmode\tt\hbox to 1in{\savedname:\hss}}%
    abcxyz ABCXYZ 123\par

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From the TeXbook (p. 214)

  • \the\⟨font⟩ produces a font identifier that selects the specified font. For example, ‘\the\font’ is a control sequence corresponding to the current font.

This is most useful only in \edef, to get an alias command for the current font:


{\thisfont abc}

will produce the same result.

For the external name of the current font, use \fontname\font (current font) or \fontname\tenrm (or whatever font selection command you want to use):





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