I am working on a document using the book class, with the default font size of 10pt and default margins.



I usually use Overleaf, or MiKTeX when the connection is shaky. Now, the "style" that I'm using is indeed the style that I want my final document to be in.

However, in the meantime, since I am on a 15" screen, I could really do away with those large white margins and have a better preview.

Just setting very thin margins with geometry is not what I'm looking for. I only want to crop the margins in the PDF preview, without changing the way the text looks.

The preview package with option \setlength\PreviewBorder{5pt} is very close to what I'm aiming for, but only "in principle" since it always outputs a single page, which is not what I want.

I can try to explain it better if what I've said so far makes little sense, so do let me know.


You can use the current width/height in the geometry options:


\the\textwidth \quad \the\textheight

  • This is precisely what I was looking for. I have further reduced paperwidth and increased paperheight to +2.5cm so that headings and page numbers are also shown. Thank you. – prt13463 Dec 8 '18 at 22:05

The package geometry provides option to set text height, text width and margins. For example:

top=1mm, left=1mm,right=1mm, bottom=1mm]{geometry}

This sets textwidth=6.5in and textheight=8.75in and margins to 1mm. One can adjust the margin to required amount keeping the text area constant. The page size will be adjusted accordingly.

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