There seems to be barely any spacing (if at all) after \Sigma, making it hard to read. Is this normal? Is there any way around it?

 $ \Sigma_{v \in V} \alpha $


enter image description here

Desired output:

enter image description here


You should use \sum, not \Sigma, to create a summation symbol. The \sum symbol is slightly larger than \Sigma when used in text style, and a whole lot larger when used in display style. In addition, the math type of \sum is math-op ("math operator"), whereas the math type of \Sigma is math-ord ("ordinary atom"); this strongly affects the amount of whitespace TeX inserts before and after the symbol.

enter image description here

$\Sigma_{i\in V}     \beta_i \quad 
 \sum_{i\in V}       \beta_i \quad
 \sum\limits_{i\in V}\beta_i \quad
{\displaystyle\sum\nolimits_{i\in V} \beta_i} \quad
 \displaystyle\sum_{i\in V} \beta_i$

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