I would like to have all references in my document (to equations, figures, lemmas, random locations in text, etc.) be numbered in the same series, and I would like these numbers to appear in the margin. See here for examples: p. 30 (equation and paragraph labels), p. 31 (theorem label and figure label), p. 26 (\item label).

I've managed to cobble together macros which do most of what I want, but two problems remain:

  • The marginal label aligns according to the baseline, but for displayed equations I would like it to be more centered (see p. 4 of above document).

  • I can't get labels for figures into the margin.

Is there a package which does something like this?

Is there a way for TeX to know the height of the current displayed equation, so that I can adjust the vertical position of the marginal note accordingly?

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Is there a package which does something like this?

I don't know if it does exactly what you ask for, but there's the showlabels package which I've used to do similar things. It's got some configuration options so may be able to do what you need.

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