Given the following minimal example:


\Title{Minimal Example}
\Author{John Doe}




$pdf_mode = 5;
$xelatex = "xelatex --shell-escape %O %S";
$xdvipdfmx = "xdvipdfmx -z 0 -o %D %O %S";
$dvi_mode = 0;
$postscript_mode = 0;

in the latexmkrc does not converge when built with latexmk. I have also tried

$pdf_mode = 1;
$pdflatex = "xelatex --shell-escape --output-driver=\"xdvipdfmx -z 0\" %O %S";

in the latexmkrc with the same result.

The --shell-escape and -z 0 are added as required by pdfx. The output file itself appears to be produced correctly.

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By running latexmk -diagnostics, I was able to find out that, apparently, the pdfx package causes the creation of a file creationdate.timestamp which latexmk recognizes as an input file. And it changes on every run.

By adding $hash_calc_ignore_pattern{'timestamp'} = '^'; to the latexmkrc file, you can tell latexmk to ignore all lines of .timestamp files, thereby working around the issue.

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