I'm using the awesome cleanthesis template for creating my diploma thesis. I also create diagrams and images by my own using inkscape but I'm unable to find out which exact fontnames and sizes that are used in the style. I already tried TeX Gyre Heros and Bitstream, however if I embed the diagram in the latex the output doesn't look equal to the other text (check the image below, there I used TeX Gyre Heros with size 7). enter image description here


You can easily find the font definitions in the source code of the template cleanthesis.sty.

% **************************************************
% Font Definitions (see http://www.tug.dk/FontCatalogue/)
% **************************************************
\RequirePackage[T1]{fontenc}        % font types and character verification
%   {%
        % Using sans-serif fonts
        %\RequirePackage{helvet}    % Font: Helvetica
        %\RequirePackage{nimbus}    % Font: Nimbus Sans, a clone of the Helvetica
        \RequirePackage{tgheros}    % Font: TEX Gyre Heros
        %\RequirePackage{libertine} % Font: Biolinum, the standard sans serif typeface with the Libertine package
        %\RequirePackage[scaled]{berasans} % Font:  Bera Sans, a a version of Bitstream Vera Sans slightly enhanced
%   }{%
        % Using serif fonts
        \RequirePackage{lmodern}    % font set: Latin Modern
        \RequirePackage{charter}    % font set: Charter
        %\RequirePackage{fourier}   % font set: (basically improved utopia)
%   }

You screenshot looks like you are using serif fonts, in which case you will get Charter of text and Latin Modern for math.

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