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I know esint package can type line integral with square paths: $\sqint$, but today I need a square arrowed line integral. Does anyone know how to do it ?


A proposotoin with the \stackinset command from stackengine, \squint from esint and \Lsh from mathabx (without loading mathabx):

\usepackage{amsmath, amssymb,}

\DeclareFontShape{U}{mathb}{m}{n}{ <-6> mathb5 <6-7> mathb6 <7-8>
mathb7 <8-9> mathb8 <9-10> mathb9 <10-12> mathb10 <12-> mathb12 }{}
 \usepackage{stackengine} %


\[ I = \mysqint g(z)\,\mathrm d z \]


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