I have the following \author declaration in a book document:

    Lorem Ipsum \and
    Dolor Sit \and
    Amet Whatever \and
    Bozo Clown \and
    Donald Trump \and
    John Smith \and
    Jack Kerouac

The result in the title page looks clearly unaligned: enter image description here

I would like the names on the left column to be left-aligned; names on the right column to be right-aligned; and names in the center column to be center-aligned. How should I go about that?

  • What about vertical alignment? Do you want the three columns to be top aligned like they already are or do you want to centre them? – gvgramazio Dec 14 '18 at 10:17

A quick and dirty solution without redefine \maketitle and without considering possible side effects in other parts of the document if you try to reuse \@author:


    Lorem~Ipsum  Bozo~Clown &
    Dolor~Sit Donald~Trump  Jack~Kerouac &
    Amet~Whatever John~Smith

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