I am looking a package to create an empty framebox of 2.7 cm height and 15.97 cm lenght. I am using \framebox but I am able only to set the size.


For example:




If you're using \fbox or \framebox, you need to remember that it adds a gap and rule around it's contents. Remove this from your construction to ensure that the width/height is exactly what you're looking for:

enter image description here


    \rule{\dimexpr15.97cm-2\fboxsep-2\fboxrule}{0pt}% width
    \rule{0pt}{\dimexpr2.7cm-2\fboxsep-2\fboxrule}% height


\noindent \rule{15.97cm}{2.7cm}

\noindent \exactframe{15.97cm}{2.7cm}


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