I'm trying to implement multiple indices in my LaTeX file. I have to use the style file of Springer (svmono.cls; -> Link to zipped Springer Style) and did the indices with the package multind.

Indexing went smoothly, but they wouldn't be generated as chapters. I tried to change that by altering the following line in the multind.sty file: \addcontentsline{toc}{chapter}{#2}% chapter instead of section.

Now the indices were chapters, but the headings wouldn't be in the general style of the LaTeX file. Here I got this code from a guy, which worked quite nicely:



Well...the headings look right now. But the index is generated with in one column instead of two, which is the way it was before (and the way I want it!).

So I tried to use the package multicol. It works in that I have the index in two colums, but in the beginning of the chapter, the second colums is not positioned the right way. I made a screenshot of the problem:

Link to the Screenshot

So...what do I do now to adjust the right column? On the next page the colums are aligned, but then there's no chapter beginning there (but the heading).

I hope that my question is comprehensible, as I'm rather new to LaTeX and not a native speaker. Thanks in advance for any help :).

P.S.: I also tried to create a minimal working example:

\documentclass[deutsch]{svmono} % Style-file vom Springer Verlag
\usepackage{multicol} % used for the two-column index
\usepackage[ngerman]{babel} % Neue deutsche Rechtschreibung und Trennmuster
\usepackage{multind} % Für mehrere Indizes

\addcontentsline{toc}{chapter}{\numberline {\arabic{chapter}}#2}


\makeindex{index} % Wird zur Erstellung der Indizes verwendet
\makeindex{autorenregister} % makeindex / (sprmidx.sty)




\chapter{Kapitel 1}


  • the amsbook.cls creates a two-column index based on \chapter*. you might be able to adapt it to the style required by svmono. (really, i'm surprised that springer doesn't have any facility in its monograph class for a two-column index. look into the .cls file and see if there is a command \printindex.) – barbara beeton Mar 2 '12 at 20:27

If you use imakeidx instead of multind all should go as you wish:

\usepackage{imakeidx} % Für mehrere Indizes

\makeindex[name=index,title=Index,options=-s svind.ist]
\makeindex[name=autorenregister,title=Autorenregister,options=-s svind.ist]

In the document, index entries should be like


(the optional argument decides in what index the entry should be placed). In order to print the indices, write

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