I'm writing a document with a list of items that must be ordered.

The result should be something like this:

Title 1

R1. Requirement 1 R1.1 Requirement 1.1 R2. Item 2 R2.1 Requirement 2.1 R2.1.1 Requirement 2.1.1

Title 2

R3. Requirement 3 R3.1 Requirement 3.1

I'm trying to use Pandoc (From Markdown to Latex) but if it's not possible, it is not a problem to ditch Markdown.

I'm a little lost on how to look for this on the Internet and I'm a Latex newbie so any help is welcome :)

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    Welcome to TeX SX! Could you post a minimal example code of what you've tried? – Bernard Dec 16 '18 at 23:55

Is it something like this you're after?

\usepackage{fourier, erewhon} 
\setlist[Renum, 1]{label = R\arabic*., wide=0pt}
\setlist*[Renum,2]{label*=\arabic*., wide=1.5em}


\section{Title 1}
        \item Requirement 1
        \item Requirement 1.1
\item Item 2
        \item Requirement 2.1
        \item Requirement 2.1.1

        \item Requirement 3
        \item Requirement3.1



enter image description here

  • Awesome! I knew about the resume package but I had no idea about the \setlist – Álex Sáez Dec 17 '18 at 9:47
  • One learns a lot of useful things reading the documentations… B.t.w., resume is not a package – only a key defined by enumitem, which also has, for more complex situations, the series key. – Bernard Dec 17 '18 at 10:15

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