I have two nomenclature groups. Is it possible to force one to start on a new page? I've also reduced the line spacing, but it'd be nice if I could keep the spaceing between the group name and the headers.

Here is my (very scrappy and pasted together from several sources in tex.stackechange) code

\usepackage{nomencl, ragged2e, etoolbox, mathtools}


\newcommand{\nomsubtitle}[1]{\item[\large\bfseries #1]}
\renewcommand\nomgroup[1]{\def\nomtemp{\csname nomstart#1\endcsname}\nomtemp}

\item[\bfseries Symbol]%

\item[\bfseries Acronym]\textbf{Description}}


\newcommand{\nomdescr}[1]{\parbox[t]{10cm}{\RaggedRight #1}}

{\nomdescr{#3}\units{#4}}} %neuer Befehl zum Gesamtergebnis der Symbole





Edit: added minimal document

  • Please add a complete minimal document with the document class, packages etc. needed (MWE/minimal working example). – epR8GaYuh Dec 19 '18 at 11:52

In case anyone in interested, I added changed the \nomstartf command to

\item[\bfseries Symbol]%

which forced a new page. Didn't figure out the spacing between title and headings though

  • This is just the change which is needed to force a new page. – Andy Grey Dec 20 '18 at 11:08
  • Ok. I was only answering my own question but I'll have a look at changing it – Andy Grey Dec 20 '18 at 11:13

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