I want to use latexmk to obtain a warningsummary, but for quick updates I don't want it to run multiple passes of pdflatex.

The related discussion Make latexmk just run pdflatex once mentions the option -e "$max_repeat=N$", where N is the limit for the repetitions of pdflatex. With this it is possible to produce the error summary, possibly including an intentionally limited number of compilation passes, to get a quick update on issues for large documents.

However, I am using this setup from with editors (currently LyX), which may exhibit different behavior depending on the exit status of the process. It is therefore necessary for the exit-status to be 0, if no LaTeX errors were encountered, and non-zero otherwise.

If latexmk is stopped, because $max_repeat$ is exceeded, it will return a non-zero exit status to indicate, that the compilation isn't converged, which causes the editor to wrongly thing, that compilation errors have occurred.

Is there some method that makes latexmk

  • Run pdflatex at most once
  • Return an non-zero exit code only if pdflatex was run, and returned a non-zero exit code?

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