I'm merging 5-10 pandoc generated tex files using the docmute package. The individual files build, however when I \subimport or \input them into my main document I get an error:

! LaTeX Error: No \title given

This is because everything outside the \begin{document}...\end{document} is stripped by docmute, so \title{} is not called for the individual documents when merging. Actually, I don't want to call \maketitle at all for the merged documents.

How can I conditionally use maketitle? I've tried various \if combinations, including things like:


The initial state of \@title is not that it is undefined, it is defined by

\def\@title{\@latex@error{No \noexpand\title given}\@ehc}

so you want

\def\zz@title{\@latex@error{No \noexpand\title given}\@ehc}

% do nothing


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