\cals@ifbreak\iftrue % detect that a break is required
  \splitHeight=\pagegoal \advance\splitHeight -\pagetotal
  \ifdim \splitHeight>50pt % break inrow only if at least 100pt left
    \advance\splitHeight -5pt % avoid pagebreak due to overflows
    % Split the current row on two: before and after the break
                  \global\setbox\rowAfter=\box\rowAfter }%
        \setbox2=\vsplit0 to\splitHeight
        \setbox\rowBefore=\hbox{\box2 \unhbox\rowBefore}%
        \setbox\rowAfter=\hbox{\box0 \unhbox\rowAfter}%
    \setbox0=\hbox{\unhbox\cals@current@row \next}
    % Decoration backup, typeset the first row,
    % restore context, typeset the second at the end of macro



\thead{\brow \bfseries \cell{header1}\cell{header2}\cell{header3}
  \mdseries \erow}
\brow \cell{\lipsum[ 1]}\cell{\lipsum[ 2]}\cell{\lipsum[ 3]} \erow
\brow \cell{\lipsum[ 4]}\cell{\lipsum[ 5]}\cell{\lipsum[ 6]} \erow
\brow \cell{\lipsum[ 7]}\cell{\lipsum[ 8]}\cell{\lipsum[ 9]} \erow
\brow \cell{\lipsum[10]}\cell{\lipsum[11]}\cell{\lipsum[12]} \erow
\brow \cell{\lipsum[13]}\cell{\lipsum[14]}\cell{\lipsum[15]} \erow
\brow \cell{\lipsum[16]}\cell{\lipsum[17]}\cell{\lipsum[18]} \erow
  • Maybe this answer could help here. At least it does find the last line of a page (and so does the lineno package, which does not put a line number on an empty line). – user121799 Dec 21 '18 at 5:49
  • Just out of curiosity: Why are you using the cals package? Wouldn't it be easier to shorten the text height parameter by some small amount (say, 5 points) and to add an \hrule (not \hline) directive at the bottom of the (now shortened) text block? – Mico Dec 21 '18 at 5:53
  • cals is the only package i found can breaking table in the row. – Zeno Shuai Dec 21 '18 at 7:31

I think you can play with the following fragment:

\setbox\rowBefore=\hbox{\box2 \unhbox\rowBefore}%

It creates the last box on the page, so you can add something to it. On the first look, the following works:

\setbox\rowBefore=\hbox{\box2 \unhbox\rowBefore
  \hbox to 0pt{\hss\vbox{\hrule width\wd\cals@current@cs}}}%

By the way, cals does not support inside-row table breaks. It is just a hack exists what makes breaking possible with a bit of luck.

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