I'm searching for a way to split up a full PDF into single PDFs containing the single chapters of the document.

Usually I'm using pdfjam to split / merge / ... PDFs, is there a simple way to split up depending on the table of content?


Thanks to samcarters answer I found a nice solution using sejda. The command to split up a PDF depending on the 1st level of the table of content, created with hyperref using LaTeX reads

sejda-console splitbybookmarks --bookmarkLevel 1 --files <input.pdf> --output <output_directory>
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Based on the comment How to create individual chapter PDFs

If you have a document that uses hyperref, e.g. this one







you can use pdfsam to split at a bookmark level of your choice using this option:

enter image description here

In the next step you can chose your file, the bookmark level and the output name and location

enter image description here

  • thanks a lot! the command line version of pdfsam works like a charm for my problem. cheers. – madn Dec 21 '18 at 12:14
  • @madn Good to hear that your problem is solved! Can you write an additional answer about your solution using sejda? This could be very helpful for future users with the same problem as you. – user36296 Dec 21 '18 at 12:19

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