I am trying to get a text to center vertically within a tabularx. For centered and bottom text it works, but it fails for top text. What am I missing here?

        \begin{tabularx}{\textwidth}{ | X | c | }
            \noindent\parbox[t]{\hsize}{\includegraphics[width=5cm]{img/image001}} & top\\
            \noindent\parbox[c]{\hsize}{\includegraphics[width=5cm]{img/image001}} & center\\
            \noindent\parbox[b]{\hsize}{\includegraphics[width=5cm]{img/image001}} & bottom\\

Use valign from adjustbox.

I used also margin=4pt to put some space around the image, and I inverted the column types of your table, I don't think you want an X type for a column where there are only fixed-width images.


        \begin{tabularx}{\linewidth}{ | c | X | }
            \includegraphics[width=5cm, valign=t, margin=4pt]{example-image} & top\\
            \includegraphics[width=5cm, valign=c, margin=4pt]{example-image} & center\\
            \includegraphics[width=5cm,valign=b, margin=4pt]{example-image} & bottom\\

enter image description here

Your question may be a duplicate of this one: How to align picture top left in a table?.

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