Well, there are some questions about how to install packages that are not in the package repository. The most famous probably is this.

I'm traying to install the package millennial (you can see this question and the links mentioned that) that is not avaible from the package repository. I have downloaded the files (the previous question has a comment with a direct link) but I don't know how to continue.

The problem of this package is that it doesn't include either .insfile or .dtx file, so I can't follow the steps provided in the above link. Instead of that, I haves just run my MikTeX console and included the path folder containing the files of the package to the other paths, you know, settings-directories-add, as it is said here.

It doesn't work and I can't use the package. What can I do? How can I install this package? Let me say I have refreshed the FNDB and the FMF after including the new directory.


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The reference from egreg in the other question links to a tar.bz2. Unpack this somewhere outside miktex. Inside the tar is a folder texmf. Copy this folder somewhere (again outside miktex). Then go to the miktex console and add the texmf as a new root in settings -> tab directories.

Then run on a command line

 initexmf --edit-config-file=updmap

This will open a updmap.cfg in the editor. Add

 Map millennial.map

to the file and click on "save".

Run in the miktex console (user mode) in the tasks menu the entry refresh font map files. Then test if the font works ...

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