I am using Kile under Miktex 2.9 in Windows 10. Since I switched from my long-lasting version of Miktex to the latest version, Kile seems to frequently occasionally report ``finished with exit code 1" under the category Bibtex. It does not cause a total crushing; Kile usually proceeded to give the output with an additional input such as clicking once the space key. The little problem is just annoying.

I did an initial search with no essential improvements so far. I believe it is not my bibliography; the same bibliography, the built-in one, worked without an issue for Texstudio, Overleaf, and even Kile with the older Miktex.


  • Gary if it is latest fresh MiKTeX that makes the difference it would be best to raise a support issue there, however if its an intermittent rather than reproducible error it could be auxiliary files held from a bad previous run (need cleaning/purging) or if MiKTeX is furiously update/rebuilding on the fly then FNDB/fontmaps might in an odd case until settled need refreshing in MiKTeX before next compile so keep an eye out for on the fly downloads and exit kile to see if a refresh in MiKTeX-console tasks helps – user170109 Dec 27 '18 at 1:55

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