I employ TexLive 2017. I use the following piece of codes in my tex.

\epsfig{file=fig/a.eps, width=1.0\columnwidth}
\epsfig{file=fig/b.eps, width=1.0\columnwidth}
\caption{\bf a versus b}

It leads to a warning, which complains "A possible image without description on input line ...". I wonder why this warning happens.

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    Welcome to TeX S.E. ! Thanks for your MWE. Note that it is better to have it highlighted as a code block. Put four empty spaces at the beginning of your lines rather than backtick escapes, as I did in my edit. And please make your next question MWE fully compiliable, adding the documentclass and \begin{document}and \end{document} lines. – sztruks Dec 27 '18 at 9:25
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    \epsfig is outdated so far I know. Try to use the graphicx package with \includegraphics. – Martin Scharrer Dec 27 '18 at 10:07

From the warning you quoted, I assume that you use the acmart document clss.

To quote from the manual of version 1.56:

2.6 Descriptions of images Blockquote

Some readers of ACM publications might be visually challenged. These readers might use a voice-over software to read aloud the papers. It is important to provided them a description of each image used in the paper. The command \Description[<short description>]{<long description>} should be placed inside every figure , teaserfigure or marginfigure environment to provide a description of the image(s) used in the figure. Unlike \caption , which is used along- side the image, \Description is intended to be used instead of the image [...] At present the lack of descriptions generates a warning at compilation.

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    TLDR; ACM template requires that you add \Description to help voice-over software to read aloud paper. – Shital Shah Jan 7 '20 at 9:01

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