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Is it possible to write a command using TikZ to produce a small rounded and colored box around a piece of text, inside sentence? I know the \framedbox command gives a rectangle around a piece of text (but not a rounded rectangle as far as I know).

I guess one could also adjust the color of the background when using framebox (using tips from answers to this question), but I don't think it could help with other factors such as the box's edge-width, the amount of roundness, etc.

The following picture was produced with Inkscape for the purpose of the question.

enter image description here

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Either use TikZ directly or tcolorbox with \tcbox and a lot configurable settings.

If such boxes should appear more than once, a \newtcbox is appropiate, setting the options there and just saying \inlinebox{foo} etc.

As can be seen from the direct usage of \tcbox that the margins are too wide, but the \inlinebox has a nicer look, there the margins are set with left=... and right=... and boxsep=...

enter image description here



 box align=base,


Hello \tcbox[enhanced,box align=base,nobeforeafter,colback=cyan,colframe=Green4,size=small]{World} -- what do you expect from the year \inlinebox{2019}?


Another option is tikzmark, which less options than tcolorbox, but allows you to connect different boxes and also detect the mode you are in (text vs. math etc.).

Here is some text and \tikzmarknode[fill=cyan,fill
opacity=0.3,draw=green!60!black,thick,rounded corners,inner sep=2pt,text
opacity=1]{test}{something about relativity}.
opacity=0.3,draw=green!60!black,thick,rounded corners,inner sep=2pt,text
\begin{tikzpicture}[overlay,remember picture]
\draw[thick,cyan,latex-latex] (test.-5) to[out=-90,in=0] (testeq.east);

enter image description here

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