I have an issue on installing MiKTeX. I removed it from for some reason and tried to reinstall. I deleted the installation folder after the uninstall; and restarted my PC. I have tried many times, but I see the same following error each times of installation. I deactivated my antivirus, but not working... Any solution is appreciated. Thanks

extracting files from zapfchan.cab...

extracting files from zapfding.cab...

extracting files from zerohyph.tar.lzma...

updating package definition directory ("C:\Program Files\MiKTeX 2.9\tpm\packages")...

installed 3403 package definition files visiting repository C:\Users\1\AppData\Local\Temp\mik99448...

repository type: local package repository

loading lightweight database...

initexmf "--common-install=C:\Program Files\MiKTeX 2.9" --set-config-value=[Core]SharedSetup=1 --admin "--log-file=C:\Program Files\MiKTeX 2.9\miktex/config\uninst.log" --disable-installer --verbose:

An error occurred:

source file: Libraries\MiKTeX\Core\Process\win\winProcess.cpp

source line: 475

message: The process terminated due to an access violation.

info: fileName="C:\Program Files\MiKTeX 2.9\miktex/bin/x64\initexmf.exe"

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    Add an issue (with more details about your OS) to the MiKTeX bug tracker at GitHub. – Ulrike Fischer Dec 30 '18 at 9:05

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