I'm including several articles I found on f.e. ScienceDirect into BibDesk so I can reference them in my LaTeX file. (I'm using apacite in my LaTeX file but I don't think that matters right now). I'm trying to cite using APA-style file format so the link where I found my sources should be included in my bibliography. When I go into BibDesk and I select the article option, I can enter all the information concerning my source, but I can't input my URL as to where I found the source online. Is there any way to include this link somewhere so it also appears in the bibliography in my LaTeX project?

  • Many modern styles support a url field where you just type in the URL in verbatim (without escaping any special characters). But some older styles may not support a dedicated field, then people usually use note. I don't know whether BibDesk shows the url field for @articles, but if it does not, you should either try to convince it to show the field or use a different tool that shows the field. – moewe Dec 30 '18 at 21:46
  • @moewe : Thanks. I looked in the BibDesk settings and there is an option to create a urlfield. Not sure if LaTeX or apacite is going to know it has to add the url + Retrieved from: in front of the url to each of the different references. I'll have to figure that out as well. – Stijn Botteldoorne Dec 30 '18 at 21:54

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