There is already a (unanswered) question to this topic in windows, but I thought it is clearer if I open a new one.

When I start TikzEdt on Linux I get this error message:

It might be that you do not have Latex installed, or the wrong pdflatex path is provided in the settings. TikzEdt cannot work without Latex. Please download a Latex distribution, e.g., MikTeX or TexLive. If you did install it, please check that pdflatex is in the %PATH% or that the path in the settings is set correctly.

In installed TexLive and 'which pdflatex' gives:


I don't now what they mean with "that the path in the settings is set correctly"? I changed "pdflatex" to "/usr/bin/pdflatex" in the settings of TikzEdt first at the field General>Command pddlatex and then as well in Compiler>Precompilation arguments (even i thought this would be odd). But it still doesn't work. Where to I have to change this?

If %PATH% refers to $PATH then /usr/bin is in there...

  • Have you a working LaTeX installation like TeXLive? I'm a Windows 7 user, but in my MiKTeX installation pdflatex.exe is in C:\Program Files\MiKTeX 2.9\miktex\bin. Check where is pdflatex.exe in your installation. You can compile a .tex file with your editor and then look for the .log file generate during the compilation. In the .log file there is written where is your installation of LaTeX. I use TikzEdt and it work very well even if it's a software of the 2013. – vi pa Jan 2 at 23:03
  • Again not a Linux user but that path seems exceptionally short it should probably include the year of a full texlive say /usr/local/texlive/2018/bin/x86_64-linux I would look at answers to wider range of similar questions such as tex.stackexchange.com/questions/457208/… and if on say Ubuntu add that in your search – user170109 Jan 2 at 23:20
  • Have you installed TikzEdt as Administrator? – vi pa Jan 3 at 10:09
  • @vipa Yes, I installed TeXLive and it is working fine. On ubuntu it is just an executable and it is not nessecary to install TikzEdt. But I ran it as administrator as well. I maybe just switch to an other program. Stil thanks for the help :) – WitheShadow Jan 4 at 21:15
  • If you want learn to write Ti_k_Z code you should read at least the tutorials in the PGF manual or a minimal introduction. TikzEdt don't use the full power of PGF/Ti_k_Z. – vi pa Jan 5 at 1:18

Reviewing older requests for help I see we left you hanging without an answer. Did you resolve your path issue?

Since TikzEdt seems to have stagnated some time ago and was reputedly problematic on Mac/Unix you might find a recently maintained alternative previewer more suited to your needs.

Thus for Linux can I suggest you consider https://github.com/fhackenberger/ktikz which may be better supported. enter image description here

More background info at http://www.hackenberger.at/blog/ktikz-editor-for-the-tikz-language/

And a fuller list of alternatives here What GUI applications are there to assist in generating graphics for TeX?

  • I ended up to use a TexStudio instead. Thanks – WitheShadow Jan 25 at 14:17

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