Using memoir, biblatex-chicago in notes mode (compiled with biber), with "author-title" citations in the notes, is there a simple way to add a line that will cause all citations (in the notes and in the bibliography) to omit the publisher? That is, I would like it to be as if all publisher fields in the .bib file were empty.

Update: MWE



    Address = {Cambridge, MA},
    Author = {Friedman, John Block},
    Publisher = {Harvard University Press},
    Shorttitle = {Orpheus},
    Title = {Orpheus in the {Middle} {Ages}},
    Year = {1970}}



Something about Orpheus.\footcite{friedman1970orpheus}



I would like neither the footnote nor the bibliography entry under "References" to mention "Harvard University Press." Instead, the output in the footnote should be:

John Block Friedman, Orpheus in the Middle Ages (Cambridge, MA, 1970).

And the output in the bibliography should be:

Friedman, John Block. Orpheus in the Middle Ages. Cambridge, MA, 1970.

This would be the output if there were no publisher field in the .bib entry, but I would like to know if there is a way to do this automatically without deleting all information from publisher fields.

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    Please -- as usual here -- show us a short compilable tex code building your bibliography with an bib entry containing an publisher ...
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An alternative to Paul Stanley's answer is to null-ify the relevant field with a sourcemap

      \step[fieldset=publisher, null]

This approach has the (mostly conceptual) advantage that the field is ignored by Biber itself and not passed on to biblatex at all. That could be important if the ignored field is used for calculation of label... or extra... fields (labelname, labeldate, extradate, ...). But of course this also means that the field is completely gone and can't be shown selectively (only for the bibliography or only for citations as would be the case with the \clearfield approach).


This does (I think) exactly what you suggest you want.


That needs to go in the preamble.

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