I have a problem using a special symbol font in OTF format with LuaLaTeX. The font itself is correctly installed and found during compilation. But the LOG file states that chars are missing (in fact all chars). An example message looks like:

Missing character: There is no a (U+0061) in font


Missing character: There is no a (U+0061) in font TokyoNew-Regular!

I can use the same font correctly in Illustrator -- all chars are there.

BTW does there exist a package for displaying all chars in a font (working with LuaLaTeX)?

Any ideas?


P.S. Tested with:

{\Tokyo abcdef1234}
  • Check the lua file of the font (in \texmf-var\luatex-cache\generic\fonts\otl). And does it work with xelatex? – Ulrike Fischer Jan 2 at 10:10
  • There two files tokyoneu-regular.lua and tokyoneu-regular.luc. Same behavior in XeLaTeX. – Ulrich Dirr Jan 2 at 12:58
  • But only one is a lua file. Did you open it and check the characters? – Ulrike Fischer Jan 2 at 13:02
  • O.k., I don't understand the Lua file. But if I compile the single char "Z" I got the same missing char message. But as I understand the char is in the lua file: [983099]={ ["boundingbox"]=4, ["index"]=59, ["name"]="Z", ["unicode"]=90, ["width"]=1000, }, – Ulrich Dirr Jan 2 at 13:08
  • [983099] is the wrong number, to be accessible as Z it should be listed under [90]. Did you try with xelatex? – Ulrike Fischer Jan 2 at 13:58

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