EDIT I changed the title to make this post easier to find for someone not too familiar with ConTeXt syntax. Previous title was "Is there a joinedup equivalent for \setupdescriptions?"

Which option should I set to get the same effect for descriptions as when using joinedup in setupitemize (no blank line between entries)? I couldn't find it in the ConTeXt ref, nor in the wiki. What did I miss?

Here is a MWE

Let's test!

\Test{Hello} world!\par
\Test{Bonjour} tout le monde\par

There is no simple option for \setupdescription to disable the vertical space between consecutive description because there is no communication between the entries.

What you can do this disable all \blank commands for a limited region is to put a packed environment around the content. As a result of this you disabled also the vertical space before the first and after the last entry, to get it back you have to add extra \blank commands at these points.


To keep the extra commands in your document to a minimum you can create a new environment with \definestartstop which adds \blank before and after the packed block.

\definedescription [Test]



Let's test!


\startTest {Hello}

\startTest {Bonjour}
  tout le monde



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