I installed texlive on 11 Aug ,2017, and I accidentally updated the xeCJK package to the latest edition yesterday, now I need a xeCJK package that matches my version, could you please send me a link to download the historical version of the package? Many thanks!

  • What was your version and what is it now? – AndréC Jan 3 at 7:37
  • The CTAN page gives links to the home page of the package as well as to its GitHub repository. – AndréC Jan 3 at 7:53
  • Texlive has a backup system. If you didn't deactivate it you should be able to return to the previously installed version with tlmgr. – Ulrike Fischer Jan 3 at 8:09
  • @AndréC Time: 2017/08/11 and 2018/04/30. – gcfsjfcus Jan 3 at 8:27

The CTAN page gives links to the html page of the package as well as to its GitHub repository.

1. This is the repository:

click on the branch Master button:


2. You have access to previous versions

tag tab, here xeCJK-v3.5.0 (Latest commit on 7 Aug 2017) :

enter image description here

3. Get the code:

Just click on the code tab at the top left version 3.5.0


the download button will appear on the right.


If you have not been able to do it alone, you must arrive here, where by clicking on the download button, you can download the old version., here


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