From this question it is possible to create a list of equation (or other object). But the solution suggested in the answer is using tocloft. Therefore, I would like to know if it's possible to do this kind of things using the titletoc package ?


I tried with this MWE:




    \newcommand{\listequationsname}{List of Equations}

    \printcontents[equ]{}{1}{List of equation}

    \chapter{First chapter}

    \section{First section}

        C=2\pi R

    %\caption{caption of equation}
    \myequations{Some equation}

Unfortunately, the result is not very attractive. From what I understand, the table of contents and the list of equations are mixed because of my command \myequation, plus the numbers are wrong. But how separate these two lists ?

  • This should be possible with \startcontents and \stopcontents etc. but you still have to provide the manual \addcontentsline entries to the relevant ToC file, i.e. a .lie (list of equations) – user31729 Jan 6 at 19:33
  • Your suggestion seems interesting but I don't know how to connect \startcontents with the relevant entry. Could you give me an example ? – R. N Jan 6 at 20:28

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