I have used \renewcommand{\thefootnote}{\textit{\roman{footnote}}} to italicise footnote markers (in-text) in one para. This works fine but now also the corresponding footnote marks in the actual footnotes are italicised, which I do not want. Is there a quick solution?


  • Well, wouldn't it be inconsistent if the mark and the footnote marker at the bottom of the page would look differently, i.e. non-italic and italic? – user31729 Jan 6 at 20:01
  • The marker in text is in a direct quote (more than 3 lines and therefore italicised, right?), the marker in the footnote would be not italicised or am I mistaken? – James Jan 6 at 20:16
  • The footnote at the bottom of the page is actually written at the same time as the footnote mark and stored in a savebox (insert), so both should use the same font. You would have to dig into the interstices of \footnote to use change that. – John Kormylo Jan 7 at 4:12
  • @James Please provide a MWE for better understanding... – MadyYuvi Jan 7 at 6:00
  • @ John: that looks like to the solution I am looking for. Can you provide a link to how I could do this? – James Jan 7 at 10:00

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